Distance Learning Graduate Degrees

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Data Mining

Dental Health Nursing

Developmental Studies

Digital Communications Technology

Digital Security


Direct Marketing

Distance Education

Distributed Systems

Distribution & Logistics


Drug Regulatory Affairs & Health Policy


Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (Doctorate)


eBusiness Systems & Technology



Economic Crime Management


Education (Doctorate)

Education Technology

Educational Administration

Educational Administration (Doctorate)

Educational Administration & Supervision

Educational Counseling

Educational Human Resource Management

Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership (Doctorate)

Educational Leadership & Policies

Educational Media

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology (Doctorate)

Educational Specialist

Educational Technology

Educational Technology (Doctorate)

Electric Power Engineering

Electric/Power Systems & Controls

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics & Computer Technology

Elementary Education

Elementary/Middle Education

Emergency & Public Safety Services

Energy Management


Engineering (Doctorate)

Engineering Management

Engineering & Technology Management

Engineering Management

Engineering Systems Management


English, Technical, & Professional Communications

Entrepreneurial Management

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Health & Safety Management

Environmental Management

Environmental Science

Environmental Studies


Facilities Management

Family & Consumer Sciences

Family Financial Planning

Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner (Doctorate)

Family Studies

Family Therapy (Doctorate)


Financial Planning

Fine Arts

Fire & Emergency Management Administration

Food & Nutrition

Food Science & Industry

Food Science & Nutrition

Foreign Language Education

Forensic Accounting

Forensic DNA & Serology

Forensic Drug Chemistry

Forensic Sciences

Forensic Toxicology


Gas Engineering

Geographic Information Systems

Geriatric Rehabilitation & Wellness


Gifted Education

Global Executive

Global Human Resource Development

Global Management

Global Supply Chain Management


Health & Safety

Health Administration

Health Administration (Doctorate)

Health Care Administration

Health Care Leadership

Health Care Management

Health Care Systems Management

Health Education

Health Informatics

Health Law

Health Policy & Management

Health Physics

Health Professions Education

Health Promotion

Health Promotion - Human Resource Management

Health Sciences

Health Sciences (Doctorate)

Health Service Management

Health Services Administration

Health Services Management

Health Systems Administration

Higher Education

Higher Education Leadership (Doctorate)


Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality Administration

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Organizational Training & Management

Human Development

Human Factors Engineering

Human Nutrition

Human Relations & Business

Human Resource Education

Human Resources Development

Human Resource Development

Human Resources Management

Human Services Administration

Humanitarian Services Administration



Imaging Science


Industrial & Performance Technology

Industrial Distribution

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Technology

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Management

Industrial Statistics

Industrial/Systems Engineering

Industrial Technology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial-Technical Merchandising and Fabric Analytics

Information & Computer Science

Information Architecture

Information Assurance

Information Engineering & Management

Information Management

Information Networking & Telecommunications

Information Resource Management

Information Science (Doctorate)

Information Security

Information Studies

Information Systems

Information Systems (Doctorate)

Information Systems Management

Information Systems Security

Information Systems Technology Management

Information Technology

Information Technology Management

Instruction & Professional Development

Instructional Design

Instructional Design & Development

Instructional Design & Technology

Instructional Systems

Instructional Systems Technology

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology & Distance Education

Instructional Technology & Distance Education (Doctorate)

Insurance/Risk Management

Integrated Marketing Communications

Interactive Technology

Integrated Media Systems

Integrative Education

Intercultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Arts

Interdisciplinary Arts (Doctorate)

Interdisciplinary Studies

International Business

International Business Administration (Doctorate)

International Construction Management

International Management

International Relations

Internet Business

Internet Technology for eCommerce

Intervention Specialist


Jewish Education

Jewish Studies


Justice Administration

Justice Studies



Kinesiology & Leisure Science


Language Education


Latin & Roman Studies (Doctorate)

Leadership & Business Ethics

Leadership & Liberal Studies

Leadership & Management

Leadership Development

Leadership Studies

Learning Design & Technology

Learning Resources

Learning Technologies

Liberal Arts

Liberal Studies

Library & Information Science

Library Information Technology

Library Media Specialist

Library Science

Library Science & Information Services

Literacy Education

Literacy in Early Childhood



Management & Systems

Management Information Systems

Management of Information Systems

Managing Innovation & Information Technology


Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Manufacturing Systems Management

Manufacturing Technology & Operations


Marriage & Family Therapy

Materials & Chemical Synthesis

Materials Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

Math Education

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Design Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (Doctorate)

Mechanical Engineering - Dynamics & Control

Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Design

Mechanical Engineering - Mechanics & Materials

Mechanical Engineering - Thermal & Fluid Sciences

Media & Instructional Technology

Media Management

Medical Device & Diagnostic Engineering

Medical Physics

Medical Science

Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Practices in Schools

Microelectronics & Photonics

Microelectrics Manufacturing Engineering

Mild/Moderate Disibilities

Military History

Mining Engineering

Ministerial Studies


Ministry (Doctorate)

Ministry Leadership

Modeling & Simulation

Music Education

Music Technology