Rochester Institute of Technology

STATE: New York


ON CAMPUS REQUIREMENTS: Some classes require tests, labs, or orientations on campu

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS OFFERED: Disaster & Emergency Management, eBusiness, Health Systems Administration, Industrial Environmental Management, Introduction to Programming, Public Relations Communications, Quality Management - Basic Quality, Quality Management - Quality Assurance, Quality Management - Quality Implementation, Quality Management - Reliability Maintenance, Safety & Health Technology, Structural Design, Technical Communication - Basic, Technical communication - Advanced, Data Communications, Voice Communications, Telecommunications Network Management, Health Systems Administration (Grad), Integrated Health Systems (Grad), Statistical Methods for Product & Process Improvement (Grad), Statistical Quality (Grad), Technical Information Design

RESPONSE TO INFORMATION REQUEST: Information forum date list, Application, letter tells you where to look for online learning, graduate catalog with section on distance learning

RANDOM NOTES: Some classes are "live" and require a set time of participation

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