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Distance Learning

Distance Learning is when coursework occurs outside the standard classroom. Generally, professor and student are separated by geography. Coursework, lectures, class discussions, and testing is accomplished through a variety of media, including DVDs, Web Cams, Television and Radio broadcasts, and more. Also called: Distance Education, Online Education, Online Learning, etc.

Associate Degree

Normally, a two year course of study with a prerequisite of a High School Diploma or equivalent. Associate programs are designed to either lead to a specific career upon graduation (no further degree required) or to transfer as credits for the completion of a Bachelor's Degree.

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Bachelor's Degree

Normally, a four year course of study with a prerequisite of a High School Diploma or equivalent. A Bachelor's Degree requires study in Liberal Arts and Sciences along with the student's preferred course of study (or "Major").

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Graduate Degree

Graduate Degrees include the Master's Degree and the Doctoral Degree. Time to completion of a graduate degree varies with the degree and the focus of study. Graduate programs normally have a prerequisite of a Bachelor's Degree.

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Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are generally aimed at highly focused areas of study (for example, "C++ Windows Programming", "Garden Design", "Fire & Emergency Services"). Prequisites and length of study vary widely.

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K-12 Coursework

If you choose to school your children at home, you may find niche areas where you need assistance or you may find that you'd like a fully-managed and structured curriculum provided for you. Distance Learning enables you to enjoy the benefits of homeschooling without worrying that your child will suffer in study areas where you may not be proficient.

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What This Site IS About

Presenting distance learning programs that will lead you to earning a legitimate degree, certificate, or diploma. We only list accredited schools and we provide basic information about each program -- what types of degrees are offered and what type of coursework is required.

What this site is NOT About

This site is not about buying a degree. If your goal is to buy a college degree without doing coursework, this web site is not for you. If your goal is to "earn" a degree in a matter of weeks, instead of years, this web site is NOT for you. Legitimate distance learning is not a "quick fix" OR an effortless one, but it can be a most rewarding one.
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